TimeDistanceMeetingLocation / GroupAddressRegionDistrictTypes
8:00 am Way Too Early Big Book Study
Saint Paul Lutheran Church
8601 Harrison Ave Munster District 13 Big Book
9:30 am Big Book Thumpers
Brown Street United Methodist Church
905 Brown St Lafayette District 49 Big Book, Open
10:00 am Just Stay Group
Freedom House
806 Walnut St Fort Wayne District 69 Big Book, Discussion, Open
10:00 am Big Book
New Life Club
1301 W 3rd St Marion District 71 Big Book, Discussion, Open
11:00 am Singleness Of Purpose
Messiah Lutheran Church ELCA
7211 Stellhorn Rd Fort Wayne District 65 Big Book, Closed
11:00 am Line by Line
United Methodist Church
520 E Commercial Ave Lowell District 11 Big Book, Closed
5:00 pm Big Book With Joe & Charlie
Club Oasis
1118 Spring St Fort Wayne District 67 Big Book, Discussion, Open, Wheelchair Access