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The Nodding Acquaintance Group
Closed meeting
ZOOM MEETING ID: 218 049 957
How It Works AA Big Book Meeting
Wednesday, 9:30 AM, 5:30 PM 15 minutes before hand just add yourself.
Twelve & Twelve at Twelve
Thursday, Noon 12 Step Meeting 15 minutes before hand just add yourself!
Into Action Young Peoples Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting
Thursdays 6:00 PM 15 minutes before hand, just add yourself!
Grapevine Group
Friday 8:00 PM Saturday 8:00 PM Sunday 8:00 PM Each month new article! 15 minutes before hand just add yourself!
Saturday Night Double Serenity Meeting – Topic: 7:30pm (Open)
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Monday Night St. Monica’s Big Book Meeting (Closed)
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ALNO Club Online Meeting Calendar
ALNO Club Online Meeting Calendar
Online Intergroup – Online Meetings Directory
A.A. Grapevine

Grapevine and La Viña are here to help
Due to the current changing health situation, many AA meetings across the U.S. and Canada are finding it safer to close. To help members during this time, we are giving everyone free access to all of our 2020 Grapevine and La Viña issues. (The audio to Grapevine’s stories will be available as well, so people can listen to the stories if they like.) Please share with your fellows. We have also included a link to our Youtube channel with some original audio stories as well as other important information.
Shared Google Drive Folder
Hi, Hope you are doing well. I created this folder based on the many emails being sent to me by members of the program with links to online meetings. If you have lists of meetings I can drop in here, please send them my way.
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