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Delegate's Calendar

  • Represents Area 22 at the General Service Conference and other service events held outside Indiana.

  • Responsible for general coordination of Area activities.
  • Organizes Assemblies and Committee Meetings.

  • Prepares and mails notices and minutes of Committee Meetings and Assemblies.
  • Maintains files of current Area documents.

  • Pays Area bills.
  • Receives, banks, and acknowledges contributions to Area 22.Note: In keeping with our Tradition of self-support, Area 22 accepts contributions only from AA sources -- such as groups, districts, and individual AA members. Contributions from individual members cannot exceed $2,000 per year and are NOT tax-deductible. Effective January 1, 2015:
    Contributions to Area 22 may be mailed to:Area 22 Committee
    PO Box 926
    Griffith IN 46319

  • Maintains contact information for groups, districts, and trusted servants of Area 22.
  • Forwards changes and new group registrations to the General Service Office in New York. Effective January 1, 2013:
    New group registration forms and group change forms may be mailed to:
    Area 22 Registrar
    2721 Newman Rd
    West Lafayette, IN 47906

Area Committees

Corrections Committee

  • Works with local, state and federal corrections professionals and with local A.A. members to make the program and the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous available to inmates.
  • Coordinates state-wide efforts to arrange outside contacts for inmates upon release
Public Information (PI) Committee

  • Works with local A.A. members to inform professionals and the general public of what A.A. can and cannot do.
  • Upon invitation, makes presentations and/or displays available at public events and meetings of professional organization.
  • Coordinates Area 22 web committee and maintains Area 22 website.
Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC)/Treatment Facilities Committee

  • Works with local A.A. members to inform treatment professionals and clients of what A.A. can and cannot do.
  • Coordinates efforts to bring A.A. meetings into treatment facilities and to provide outside contacts to individuals upon release.
Literature Committee

  • Informs A.A. members of General Service Conference-approved literature
  • Takes literature displays to events around the state.
Finance Committee

  • A subcommittee of the Area Committee. Reviews proposed agenda items for their impact on the Area budget.
  • Assists the Area Treasurer in preparing the annual budget
Grapevine Committee

  • Encourages members to subscribe to the Grapevine and La Viña magazines, and informs them of related books and other special items available.
  • Takes Grapevines literature displays to events around the state.
Archives Committee

  • Oversees the collection, preservation, and administration of the official records of Area 22.
  • Display the archives at functions when needed or requested.
Sound Committee

  • Record all Area 22 assemblies and DCM Conferences
State Convention Committee

  • Fully responsible for planning the Indiana state convention (Area 22 hosts alternate years).

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